News Update

A final pre-owned update for 2017 can be found here

Good news for everyone waiting for the new BR 9F, two kits are on their way to the UK. As soon as they are here we will have one built-up PDQ for a construction review and the second will be examined in detail.  We have growing confidence that this model and kit will be good. UK kit pricing is likely to be under £4000. 23 December 2017


A very significant milestone  has been achieved today with the Aster / Accucraft partnership – the formal announcement  of the new BR 9F. See the Accucraft newsletter here.

The newsletter mentions US prices, how this will exactly pan-out in the UK is yet to be understood. Remember there is 20% VAT in the UK!

Distribution in the UK will be by Aster Hobbies UK only. Distribution elsewhere is to be notified.

I am awaiting a built model for examination and kits for further scrutiny. However the picture and details in the newsletter look entirely promising.  5 December 2017

New BR 9F update

You can see a prototype sample of the new BR 9F here

This is the first co-operative project by Aster Hobby Co Inc and Accucraft Trains Inc. I am sure you will agree that this is a very promising model.

Mr Fujii, owner of Aster Hobby Co Inc has assured me that I will receive a prototype very soon so that we can examine in detail the fruit of this collaboration. I will post pictures and YouTube video

I have also been promised by Mr Fujii and Mr Bing (CEO – Accucraft Trains Inc) that sale in the UK will be via Aster Hobbies (UK) LLP.

I do not have pricing or availability date at this time. If you let me have your details, then I will add you to my priority list for the first definitive information when it comes to hand.

2 November 2017