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22nd September.      I have had a number of calls asking about matters at Aster Hobby Co Inc I really know very little but the fog is clearing and I think we can say a few things which set the direction for the future. Production of kits and model has finished at Yokohama and a new office will replace the existing factory unit. There will be no more production of models and kits with parts made in Japan (and castings from S Korea). In future all production of parts will come from Accucraft facilities in China.
Aster Hobby Co Inc will continue to design models and their design engineers will liaise closely with Accucraft staff.
The Uk marketing of “Accucraft for Aster” models and kits is still to be worked out.
Spare Parts. Aster Hobby Co Inc will continue to supply spare parts although there maybe a delay as they move from their current factory unit. I have good supplies of spares for current / recent UK models.
Aster Hobbies (UK) LLP will of course continue to fulfil their warranty obligations.  
16 September All Rebuilt Merchant Navy kits sold. Another update to the fast moving pre-owned list can be found here
8th September. Only two Rebuilt Merchant Navy kits available. If you want one then this is your last chance. Whatever is (or is not) going on with the Aster / Accucraft partnership, these are the last two Aster Rebuilt Merchant Navy kits available in the World.

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Rebuilt Merchant Navy News

A video of an assembled production kit can be found here.
Shipping kits (lettered & unlettered) from UK inventory now.

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Aster Castle Hints & Tips

A few Hints & Tips based on the experience so far with the new Aster Castle. My kit built example runs as well as the production prototypes. The exhaust beat is particularly noticeable even with light loads. Generally feedback from customers has been favourable. There are a few points worth sharing:

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