Latest News from Aster Hobbies UK

The pre-owned list has been updated with pre-owned and new kit assembled items. Please take a look here

A really good history of Aster models by Fred van der Lubbe can be read here

As of 6 September 2019, I am no longer supplying Spare Parts for Aster locomotives. The only exceptions are models under warranty from Aster Hobbies UK LLP.

To order spares contact Accucraft UK Ltd. And good luck!

A statement regarding Aster Hobbies UK LLP can be read here.


A note about the BR 5MT (2019 version). We are continuing not to sell the BR 5MT kits which are a total disgrace. People ask me what are the problems. The answer is that there are so many and they vary from kit to kit. The picture shows some of the issues.

The 6 driving wheels are not capable of sitting on the track at the same time (all kits). The wheels badly bind (many kits) and the oil box is upside down (!!!) (3 kits). We are not even talking about leaking piston valves (most kits) and leaking drain cocks (all kits). When you think of the quality of past models and now look at this disgrace, well, I am glad I don’t have to deal with the Aster / Accucraft partnership anymore!


As a foot note to the above, the G1MRA Swiss Group visited here on Friday 6 September and many locos from the Golden Days of Aster were run. Several members examined the chassis shown above and expressed their sorrow that such poor quality should now come to pass.            8 Sept 19