News Update

Calling all BR 9F kit builders. If you are struggling with Part 4-5 Die block or need other items like handrail knobs, then please get in touch. New stocks of 9-14 are expected soon.

Meanwhile we continue to fill orders for kits from UK stocks. RTR are to order only 

I have stopped selling second-hand Aster – I need to scale back my activity. Tempus Fugit. I can arrange trade-ins for new Aster via a trusted third party. I can also recommend persons who are trustworthy and steer you away from those that are not if you are looking to dispose of Aster items.    23 May 2018

We still have stocks of BR 9F kits here in the UK although sales to date have been better than expected.  Cost of kits is £3950 and factory built-up RTR are available to order at £5250.

A number of kits have now been built up and running well. Don’t miss out.    25 March 2018

Aster News & Views for Spring 2018 is available here.

BR 9F news.

More than half of the UK allocation are sold or reserved, so if you want one then please be in touch.

The ‘Crib List’ for builders is available here. additional parts mentioned in the Crib List are shipping now.  Transfers (Decals) with additional parts for UK customers are available now and will be sent to customers who have already received their kit. Customers who purchase form today onwards will find Decals and additional parts in their kit box.

Although the announced run size is 150 units, only 100 have been made. Aster/Accucraft will take a rain check before making the additional 50 units. It may be that Aster/Accucraft  may shut the door at 100 units, so again if you want one, then be in touch.                             26 February


Factory built-up models (built by Accucraft in China) are available to order from Aster Hobbies UK. Price is £5250. They come decorated as 92059. Kits are confirmed at £3950 including shipping to any UK address.

Another excellent video of probably the first new BR 9F to be completed in the US can be found here.

You can see one of the ‘test kits’ going well at Trevor Goodman’s

Questions gladly answered by phone or email. 3 February 2018

There has been much interest in the new BR 9F locomotive; the first partnership project between Aster and Accucraft.

Two kits have been constructed here in the UK. The first to finish has been steam tested and the builder is very pleased by the appearance and performance. The second kit will be finished this weekend and again the builder has been very complimentary.

Aster Hobbies (UK) will publish a ‘Crib Sheet’ to assist builders in a couple of areas that may require further explanation. .Accucraft will remake one part that has been found to be unreliable. However, there are no serious problems to be encountered and both builders have commented very favourable about component quality which in many cases exceeds the high standards of regular Aster productions.

Aster Hobbies (UK) LLP will be offering kits for UK sale from early February. Price confirmed at £3950.00 including shipping to any UK address.

19 January 2018

This is the first co-operative project by Aster Hobby Co Inc and Accucraft Trains Inc. I am sure you will agree that this is a very promising model.


2 November 2017