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There are various rumours circulating about activities at Aster Hobby Co Inc in Yokohama, Japan.
I don’t know much other than it appears that the Aster Hobby Co Inc has entered into a collaborative partnership with Accucraft Trains Inc.
The first model to be made from this new arrangement will be the new BR 9F. When this will arrive and at what price and in what formats (kits? RTRs?) and what specification and who will sell it, are all unknown to me. However, when I know more I will post it.
In my opinion, it is unlikely that we will see any BR 9F’s in the near future.  Getting Accucraft up to speed and meeting Aster’s standards is sure to take time. So IMHO thoughts of an introduction anytime soon, are highly unlikely.
What I can say is that it is business as usual at Aster Hobbies (UK) LLP. We have rapidly diminishing inventory of Rebuilt Merchant Navy class kits and continue to offer warranty service on everything we sell.            27 August.

19 August update. The Pre-owned page has been updated. You can click here 

Meanwhile we are down to just 9 Rebuilt MNs kits.  Don’t leave it until we sellout before asking for one!

I July Update. The UP Challenger from the pre-owned list sold today. The weakness of the GB Pound against all World currencies makes my pre-owned products very attractive. For example, the SNCF 232 U1 at £5150 is $US 6850 or €6200.

1 July. Pre-owned page has been updated. New items include a rare SNCF 232 U1.  We still hope to have a kit built immaculate GWR Castle in the next week or two.. Keep checking back for updates. 


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Rebuilt Merchant Navy News

A video of an assembled production kit can be found here.
Shipping kits (lettered & unlettered) from UK inventory now.

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Aster Castle Hints & Tips

A few Hints & Tips based on the experience so far with the new Aster Castle. My kit built example runs as well as the production prototypes. The exhaust beat is particularly noticeable even with light loads. Generally feedback from customers has been favourable. There are a few points worth sharing:

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